Lowongan Kerja Pertambangan - PT.Supraco Indonesia (Expired 09 Des.2015)

Pada Bulan Desember 2015 ini, PT.Supraco Indonesia yang merupakan perusahaan swasta tertua dibidang perminyakan dan gas di Indonesia, dengan lebih dari 33 tahun beroperasI, membuka lowongan kerja untuk posisi sebagai berikut :

- usia maksimal 60 tahun
- berpengalaman minimal 15 tahun dibidang pengeboran
- at least worked 3 years as night DSV and of this at least 2 years offshore
- at least worked 3 years as senior DSV and of this at least 2 years offshore
- at least 2 years worked as drilling engineer
- has worked at least 3 years with a major international oil company
- has international  (outside own geographic region) working experience for a minimum of 3 years.alternatively has worked in south east asia for a minimum of 3 years.alternatively a combination of the aforementioned requirements
- IWCF supervisor combined subsea and surface stack certificate
- have valid international well control certificate IIWCF) and ahli pengendali bor (APB) MIGAS certificate covering for the well operation campaign duration
- have valid offshore safety passport (T-BOSIET)
- excellent in english language, written and spoken fluently
- excellent knowledge of hydraulic drilling rigs
- excellent knoledge directional development well drilling
- experience in development wells operation
- excellent knowledge of well operations
 HND/D3 academic degree or uquivalent
- experience in ERD, well unloading and completion operation
- experience in coring, casing drilling and MPD operation
- exprience in WBM, SMB and any other treated water based mud system in drilling operation

- minimum 7 years experiences in oil and gas industry with at least 5 years experiences in drilling
- bachelor degree in engineering or similar from university
- have worked experience in big operator company who deals with both development and exploration phases
- personel must be familiar, fully trained, certified and have and clear understanding and working knowledge pf DS-1 standards, and must have the support from the owner/company of DS-1 standards as evidenced by original supporting letter from said owner/company of DS-1 standards,dated within the last three (3) months from november 2016
- to inspect the procedures as per the QA/QC standard and to implement QA/QC for all companys designation on inspection point
- update the projects and its business within the strict compliance of the "quality system" standards and procedures as set out by Company
- provide on-going working relationship with the company and earn respect through a profesional approach and quality controlled performance
- verification of effectiveness and adequacy of QC including corrective action by monitoring quality activities at the inspection site
- prepare daily and weekly QA/QC report and distribute to companys designation postions

- must be indonesian with age between 34 to 50 years old
- minimum 8 years of industry experience which 5 years of experience as wellsite geologist
- direct experience in offshore well operations
- have excellent knowledge of geology in siliciclastics and carbonates
- experience in fracture carbonate reservoir and well high temparature
- strong background in the theory and practical application of pore pressure prediction is required
- must be able to operate the geologger full suite software
- regional experience from offshore java (madura offshore) is preferred
- minimum of 3 years experience in drilling with ERD and horizontal wells
- experience in development wells operation
- bachelor degree in earth science or geology or similar from university
- computer literate, familiar with geological software packages
- have valid offshore safety passport (T-BOSIET)

Please send your CV with valid certification and valid MCU certification to the email below before Desember 9 2015

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